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The Institute: mission and sites.

LavandaThe Institute: history and mission

Global changes caused by the economic model mainly developed along with the industrialization process in Western countries (starting from the scientific revolution in the 16th century) embody the Third Millennium.

The use of fossil fuels has altered the composition of the atmosphere and the natural carbon cycle. In addition to carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas emissions are also due to nitrogen oxides used in agriculture as fertilizers, and methane produced by human activities such as rice cultivation or cattle rearing, or dispersed in the environment after being extracted from underground. The greenhouse gas emissions are related to climate change, which is the symptom, on a planetary scale, of the impact of human activities on the environment. Other phenomena related to the industrial model cause serious environmental problems: waste production or the release of synthetic molecules into the environment. Although their immediate effects are known, manmade molecules may be potentially harmful to humans, plants and animals in the long-term, as they can combine with other molecules. Read more ......